While my time at Williams may have been more in the spirit of Scott Fitzgerald, here is an interesting idea reported in the New York Times today. My question: What would you be today if you had had this service year before starting ? Were you too young when you were in Sage or Williams?

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/o2/19/education/19educ.htmMy two years as US 52438805 in Germany teaching sargeants came after Williams but made my generally slipshod army career worthwhile as old Sarge’s who didn’t have a GED were going to be kicked out. In those days of the 50’s, the Army was a way out of back-breaking poverty for career ems and their families who might have been in Appalachia or as a tenant farmers in Missouri. Your thoughts and prognostications, please! Still spit-shining in Hood River, Swart, R  Spec 4 (retired)   

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