A new thread at WSO about a too-boring-and-offensive-to-read non-Eph article references a WSO thread from two years ago that I discussed here. That WSO thread is, still, an interesting read, touching as it does on the reality and stereotypes of race and love, two of my favorite topics! Give it a look. My comments about it are the same now as then:

[N]o one ever seemed to address the facts of the matter. It isn’t a stereotype that couples composed of white men and Asian women are more common than the reverse (the contrapositive?), it is an fact. Or at least it was a fact back in the day at Williams and in US society. Questions:

1) What is the racial distribution of couples at Williams today?

2) What are the reason(s) for that distribution?

There is an amazing senior thesis to be written on this topic, but I don’t expect to see it anytime soon.

An anonymous commentator on that post claimed:

In my class, for my major, I counted exactly 50% of the non-asian guys who were either dating asian girls, or white girls who were studying an asian language/history.

Am I a bad person for guessing that the major here was not English?

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