First off, I hope that you alumni had a chance to read what your executive committee placed as a full page ad in the Record this week. Credit also to Neil for catching the titles error in the 17th comment.

The Stand With Us Social Honor Code group is proposing:

A committee called the “Exploratory Committee on Community Ethics” (ECCE) of 15 voting members: 9 students, one of whom is Chair, three faculty representatives, determined informally in consultation with Wendy Raymond, and 3 staff: the Chaplain to the College, the Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity, and a representative from the Dean’s Office, to be named by the Dean of the College.

Current slate of goals in the link.

1. Review the structures we have, both de jure and de facto, in regards to community ethics

2. Analyze the structures in place at other institutions,

3. Plan and execute various methods of soliciting public opinion

4. Draft a statement of community ethics in line with community consensus, if found to be necessary at all, with a possible enforcement component if needed

5. Present its work to the campus community for a possible referendum, along with supporting documents

Currently, the idea is in the of CC, which is deciding if its going to back the committee. I welcome thoughts and comments from the Ephblogosphere.

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