JA selections will be handed out next week. Has the JASC made its final decisions? If not, it ought to consider my suggestion: No drunkards. Basic idea is that, given that there are so many excellent JA candidates, why not exclude the drunkards? Anyone whose idea of a good time involves getting falling-down drunk is probably not the best of all possible role models for impressionable first years.

In general, I find the almost annual brew-ha-ha about drinking at Williams to be overblown. Ephs drink. Get used to it. They get drunk now. They got drunk 20 years ago. (Hi Brendon!) They got drunk in the 50’s at the Deke House. (Hi Dad!) Alcohol consumption is just not that serious a problem and, to the extent that it is, there isn’t much that the College can or should do about it. But my suggested no-drunkards policy is one small concrete way that those who disagree, who think that drinking is a real problem, might do something about it. That they don’t take this chance to act is another indication of their lack of seriousness.

And, again, let me suggest a senior thesis: Does JA drinking correlate with first year drinking? Do the drinking habits of first years affect other first years in their entry? Some smart junior could gather all sorts of data right now and then write an amazing senior thesis with the help of Professor David Zimmerman.

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