Can anyone provide background on this group?

Want to be a SPARC facilitator? Want to be a part of community building at Williams? Join WCBP! The Williams Community Building Program (WCBP) is a diverse group of students who work with the Multicultural Center to foster a sense of community in and around Williams College by leading workshops and discussions about topics such as diversity, prejudice, racism, sexism, homophobia and community building.

My natural skepticism argues that this program is probably just silly diversity make-work, that it exists mainly so that MCC staff can have something to do, that few if any “typical” Williams students — i.e., those not already part of the choir — have ever been to a WCBP-run event that accomplished anything useful. And, in the past, I have heard little but bad things about SPARC.

But what do I know? I am just an out-of-touch alum. What do our Williamstown readers say? Have you been to one of these “workshops?” What was it like?

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