Great feature on new Tennessee Vols offensive coordinator Dave Clawson.  There is no more rabid group of college football fans than those at Tennessee, so Dave will be under immense scrutiny.  If he succeeds, he will have his choice of plum Division-I coaching jobs.  Dick Farley comments on Dave’s time as an undergraduate:

“He’s youthful and very bright,” Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer said of Clawson, who replaces David Cutcliffe. “I’m smart enough to hire people smarter than me.”

Dick Farley, who coached Clawson at Williams College from 1985-89, knows all about his former player’s intelligence.

It was Farley who shifted Clawson, a Youngstown, N.Y., native, from quarterback to defensive back. Farley, who retired four years ago as football coach, has proudly followed Clawson’s career since he left Williams, a 2,000-student institution in Williamstown, Mass., that has been ranked the No. 1 national liberal arts college in America.

“I always kid Dave that we’re going to put, ‘He was a quarterback,’ on his tombstone,” Farley said. “He was a very smart guy at a school where you have to be pretty darned bright. He just decided to take an Ivy League-like education and coach football instead of going to Wall Street like some of his buddies.”

Farley, whose son played under Clawson when he was Villanova’s offensive coordinator, feels the Vols are getting a mind with a flawless track record.

“Dave is looking all the time at mismatches and where he can take advantage of either a linebacker or safety,” Farley said. “He’s never failed at anything he’s done. He looks like a choir boy off the field, but I know since he played for me, he’s very thorough and very demanding.”

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