For years, I have been trying to convince former Williams Professor Marc Lynch that Hillary Clinton is trouble. He has finally seen the light.

do try to stay away from domestic politics here, but this has been eating at me. So… On the eve of the Maryland primary, I said that despite my strong support for Obama I had no problem with Hillary Clinton and thought she would be a fine President were she to win the nomination. I no longer believe that. After her performance the last few weeks, I no longer consider her an acceptable President.

I won’t bore people with my personal conversion narrative, the accumulation of outrages minor and major, which probably mirrors that of many other people (certainly the ones I talk to). What pushed me over the brink was the Clinton campaign’s treatment of Samantha Power. Not because she’s a personal friend – I’ve never met her – but because of the deeply ugly implications of Clinton’s decision to burn a well-respected, decent, intelligent Democratic Party foreign policy advocate to secure a momentary political advantage.

It’s a small thing, but sometimes it’s the small things which tell. The Clinton campaign burned one of our own, one of what you’d think would be their own – all to gain momentary advantage over one or two news cycles. When you start throwing your teammates to the wolves for personal gain, you aren’t on the team anymore. When you buy into and reinforce the other team’s arguments, narratives, innuendoes and slanders, you’ve crossed over the line. Clinton and her surrogates should be ashamed… but shame is not an emotion which seems to have much purchase in her campaign.

Do tell! We members of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Eph Division have been saying the same for years.

Ephs for Obama! Professor Sam Crane is on board, although the precise link eludes me. (But, then again, Sam and I agree about most things.)

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