In celebration of the upcoming reunion and in order to drum up interest, I have arranged for Chris Gondek ’90 to interview 10 members of both the classes of 1958 and 1988 for podcasts. Chris does this professionally at The Invisible Hand and has contributed links at EphBlog on occasion.

Basic idea is that Chris will interview 10 classmates using more-or-less the same set of questions for each, all focussed on their time at Williams. Interviews are meant to be brief, so the final result will be about 20 minutes. What is your fondest memory? What is the biggest mistake you made? What professor had the largest impact on you? And so on. Some questions might be the same for one class but not the other. For example, members of the class of 1958 should all be asked for a funny fraternity story and for their memories of how they felt in 1962 when fraternities were eliminated.

Chris will then post the intreviews on-line and we can link to them from the reunion webpage. We will probably post 1-2 a week in the time leading up to reunion.

Chris and I will probably do/post an example interview in the first week of April to give folks an example. The purpose of this post is to let people know about this project and to solicit suggestions for questions. With luck, we will do similar interviews for many years to come.

Of course, the College itself should do this project but, with luck, our friends in the Alumni Office will take it over once they see how successful it is.

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