In my Ides of March post, I mentioned that it would be an excellent thing if Williams were to be able to convince Mary Beard to come speak on campus. Those who heard my interview with her know she is one smart and very witty woman. Here is the beginning of her latest post on her blog: 

Lets get rid of the fascist Olympic torch I don’t quite understand how we have forgotten that the “Olympic Torch” ceremony was invented by Hitler and his chums. If ever there was an “invented tradition” well worth stamping out, it is this ridiculous, Fascist-inspired waste of money – which sends a Bunsen Burner around the world at tremendous cost for several months before the Games, manned (and womanned) by people dressed up in pseudo-ancient Greek costume, no doubt feeling very silly.

Read the rest of her post here. Whom do I need to speak with to get this woman on campus?

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