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Fear of Repaying

Director of Financial Aid Paul Boyer is an excellent guy but a lousy spinmeister.

“There have been a number of colleges and universities recently, with enough endowment, to be able to afford to eliminate loans from their financial aid packages and that’s what Williams has done,” said Williams College public affairs assistant director Jim Kolesar.

It’s a decision that, they say, was based on a lot of factors.

“It probably had most to do with what we have discovered student loans do in terms of impacting decisions after Williams, students not wanting to go to graduate school for fear of repaying more students loans,” said Williams College financial aid director Paul Boyer.

As if dozens of my classmates back in the 1980’s did not have to think long and hard about the cost of graduate school because Williams had saddled them with tens of thousands of dollars in loans! Williams just discovered, in 2007, that graduate school is expensive and debts are burdensome! Hah! If the College really cared about impacting certain student choices, it could just forgive the loans to those students and let the Goldman Sachs Ephs keep repaying their loans.

Of course, even if not one single Williams graduate went to graduate school, Williams would still have eliminated loans because of compeition from other elite schools. Would you really choose Williams over Amherst if Williams required that you borrow $15,000 and Amherst did not?

Is it too much to ask that College officials, when speaking with the media, give mostly truthful answers?