Yesterday’s North Adams Transcript ran an article with an update on the Pub reopening and the former home of Subway et. al.  Last I read, the Pub was all set to reopen in January, now it has been pushed back to the start of next school year, anyone know the cause of the delay (the Transcript really should have provided insight into this …)?  With Goodrich, the Pub, and the Log (I believe) all out of commission, that really limits the social options for upperclassmen … three amazing venues, in particular the Log, which really deserves better. 

I’d love to see photos of the interior of the new Pub if someone can gain access … Diana, planning a return trip to campus anytime soon?

Regarding the former Subway building, I can’t imagine why that building wouldn’t be demolished and replaced with something (a) with a second story providing additional housing / office space and (b) far more attractive (even before the fire, it was an eyesore).  The building offers neither historic, aesthetic, nor pragmatic value as currently designed. 

If that does happen, I hope the architects follow the lead of the very attractive and interesting (yet still site-appropriate) building that houses Tunnel City rather than the ugly, boring, strip-mall-esque design of the Spice Root / Thai Garden building …

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