How can I tell that room draw is coming up? Because searches like “how many room draw groups are there in currier” and “pick numbers in spencer cluster” are bringing undergraduates to EphBlog. Hello to our new readers! Comments:

1) I love the way students continue to use Willipedia to coordinate the process.

Help make room draw less stressing, let others know how big your group is and (if you know) where you’re looking to pick into.

Oh, and no intimidation of other groups (such as “if we don’t get into the singles in West, we’ll harass whoever lives there all year”) is allowed; if you do that, you could get kicked to the end of the room draw. Also, don’t post anything during the actual room draw or from the room draw locations, as that is also not allowed.

Also, putting your class year rather than your class title (“’09” rather than “sophomore”) might make things clearer since the distinction between current sophomore and rising sophomore might make things a little muddy.

Good idea, and not just because I invented it!

2) The simplest way to reduce the stress of room draw would be to spread it out over three nights. If the rising juniors had 24 hours after the rising seniors had picked, they would have time to figure out what they wanted without having to waste time looking at a bunch of rooms that were already gone. As it is, every student feels the need to gather information about all the rooms in a neighborhood even if many of them are unlikely to be available.

3) Of course, the Office of Campus Life worries that if students have too much time to plan and coordinate, they will self-segregate, even within neighborhoods. I don’t think that this is a reasonable fear.

4) Oh wait! Neighborhood housing was supposed to get rid of the “stress” of room draw! Professor Will Dudley ’89 and CUL promised us that years ago: “Third and finally, the all-campus room draw is highly stressful (even painful) for many students . . .” Alas, another failure for Neighborhood housing. (Don’t know about this history? Check out our round-up.)

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