The Williams Center Collective is meeting tonight. I do not think that Williams needs a Women’s Center, but there are many useful feminist projects for Collective members to work on. Consider:

Having just returned from a Williams Preview, and seeing the way women are degraded in quote boards in common rooms, my guess is that this idea [Claiming Williams] has no chance of flying. I wonder what “everyone at Williams needs to be open-minded” means in this context? If it means that you are supposed to stand up against racist speech but be indifferent to explicit sexual degradation, then I can’t see how it really promotes open-mindedness.

Hmmm. What sorts of comments are made on quote boards nowadays? An empirical question! Members of the collective could photograph quote boards from around campus and post them, perhaps just as an album on Flickr, perhaps elsewhere. (EphBlog, with our hundreds of daily readers, would love to host this effort.) To protect privacy, any identifying information (say, specific names) could be edited out. The Collective could just post the pictures and invite comments or, even better, organize them and provide its own commentary. Do the quotes illustrate/encourage “sexual degradation” or don’t they? I have no idea but would be curious to find out.

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