An Eph Corner reader notes this.

I’m [Andy McCarthy] on a two-day road trip in beautiful Williamstown, talking Willful Blindness with the students of Williams College, so I’m missing my Corner buds. But I have to say I’d be blushing over Jonah’s kind words even if he hadn’t just written the most important (and best written) book on political philosophy in at least a decade. I hope to squeeze back into the book sandwich at some point, but it’s an honor just to be mentioned with writers like Jonah, Mark and Iain (whose new book arrived on my desk just before I headed north), and I’m very grateful for all the encouragement.

1) Yes, my left-wing friends, people who hang out at the Corner really do think that Liberal Fascism is “the most important” book on “political philosophy in at least a decade.” They aren’t just being ironic! Hard to believe, I know. Just imagine that you are an anthropologist, sent to study the beliefs and customs of a primitive tribe. Try not to be too judgmental!

2) I don’t see McCarthy’s talk listed in the calendar. Am I missing something or is this a private visit?

3) Another Eph connection is with Laura Gasiorowski ’88. Willful Blindness is about the prosecution of the ’93 bombers of the World Trade Center and Laura was involved with a related case.

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