It’s pre-registration time at Williams. What tutorials would you recommend for current students? My suggestions include:

ECON 357T(F) The Strange Economics of College (W) SCHAPIRO
ECON 371T(S) Economic Justice ZIMMERMAN
ENGL 343T(F) Whitman and Dickinson in Context (W) KENT
HIST 128T(S) Conquistadors in the New World (W) WOOD
HIST 487T(F) The Second World War: Origins, Course, Outcomes, and Meaning (W) WOOD
PHIL 350T(S) Beauty (W) WHITE
PSCI 323T(F) Henry Kissinger and the American Century (W) MCALLISTER

If you aren’t taking at least one tutorial a semester, you are cheating yourself out of an amazing experience.

Which tutorials would our readers recommend and why?

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