An update from the New York Times on the Eph Steinbrenner’s: George ’52 and Hal ’91.

Shhh. Don’t disturb him. Let him trample through the marshland undisturbed. You may take photographs and video and audio to your heart’s content, but please do not do anything harmful to this endangered species.

For a while, there were fears we were losing the awesome roars and fearsome wallowing and general flailing of the dangerous “upright keratinous horns on the snout” (to quote the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). This impressive mammal seemed on the verge of extinction, a victim of enlightenment and manners and corporate groupspeak.

I am speaking here of rhinoceros steinbrennerus tampafloridus, a rare breed apparently making a comeback in its native habitat. The beast is back, in the person of Hank Steinbrenner, Rhino the Elder, not to be confused with Hal Steinbrenner, Rhino the Younger.

Are you an Eph interested in being a sports writer? Write for EphBlog! We have hundreds of readers per day and your beat would be the New York Yankees (and Hal Steinbrenner ’91). If you don’t take up this offer, then you probably don’t really want to be a sports writer. And, who know, you might even get a book out of it, as Derek Charles Catsam ’93 did from his Red Sox Diary series.

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