A New York Times article from FROSH mom.

THE Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams is a cavernous temple of modern art, with exceptionally big and provocative works in a variety of media. The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass., by contrast, serves up a whole different aesthetic, one filled with soda fountains, family dinners and sweetly nostalgic takes on small-town life.

The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams is on a 13-acre site that was once home to the Sprague Electric Company.

The two museums stake out opposite positions in the art world. But together they add up to a eye-opening, art-infused weekend trip. Both are in the Berkshires of Massachusetts, which makes for easy back and forth. Both speak to children — Mass MoCA for its sheer eccentricity, the Rockwell museum for its gentle humor. And for adults, there is the pleasure of the contrast between the two.

I am a Rockwell Eph. You?

By the way, if I were trying to write a satire of how NYT arts reporters raise their children, I could do no better than this article.

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