The May faculty meeting is going on right now, I think. How about an update from our loyal faculty readers? The two items on the agenda that we have been following most closely are the fate of Williams in New York on the scheduling of a day for Claiming Williams. My recommendation would be a No vote on the resolution: “Should the Williams in New York Program be discontinued?” and for tabling the proposal on a Claiming Williams Day until the organizers come up with a more thorough plan and generate some meaningful support from the student body.

And we all know that, as goes EphBlog, so goes the Williams faculty!

On the transparency front, some questions: Are faculty meetings public? Back in the day, they were. I attended one and the Record would regular report on them. Assuming that the meetings themselves are public, are the minutes available as well? I have not tried to get them (a copy is mailed to all faculty members a few weeks after the meeting) but I don’t see them posted on the web. Even more fun would be a live broadcast or after-the-fact podcast of the meeting. If EphBlog’s popularity proves anything, it proves that there is a large audience for every little detail of life at Williams.

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