There is much gnashing of teeth and rending of Williams sweatshirts in Dodd Neighborhood tonight.

Cluster Cup Results
1st Place: Spencer (41 points)
2nd Place: Dodd (39 points)
3rd Place: Wood (27 points)
4th Place: Currier (26 points)
Congratulations, SPENCER! In addition to winning the Cluster Cup Trophy, you are invited to attend a special neighborhood dinner at Whitmans’ on Thursday, May 8. Look for a special invitation in your mailbox soon as admittance will be granted by invitation only.

So close to that Whitmans’ dinner! Comments:

1) There is an official Cluster Cup Trophy? Pictures, please. Also, any readers at the dinner tonight should provide us with a report.

2) Last fall I claimed that the Cluster Cup competition was doomed to failure. Has it failed yet? How many events were there this spring? How many people participated? How many watched?

3) Although we are stuck with Neighborhoods for at least a couple more years, there is no reason to waste everyone’s time on a competition that no one cares about. End the Cluster Cup now and devote your energies elsewhere.

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