What was the price of cocaine at Williams 30 years ago? Good question.

Ninety-six students were arrested in a San Diego State University drug bust.

Where’s Captain Renault when you need him? I’m shocked, shocked, to learn that drug dealing is rampant at fraternities at San Diego State (one of Playboy’s top 10 party schools). Actually, what shocks me is the price the student dealers were charging for cocaine: $35 a gram. In my college days almost 30 years ago, at a small, northeastern liberal-arts school with a less illustrious party heritage, a gram cost $100. So in constant dollars, the price of cocaine has fallen by 85 percent, to about $16 a gram — imagine how many more coke-fueled novels Jay McInerney could have written at that price!

Despite the shout out to Jay McInerney ’76, the author, James Gibney, does not seem to be an Eph.

1) We need to know the history of drug prices at Williams. Comments welcome!

2) Still looking for feedback on my (genius!) simple plan for accomplishing drug legalization.

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