Aidan points out this New York Times article on girls and sports and injuries. There is no direct Eph connection, but Aidan was reminded of this EphBlog entry on Eph soccer player Ana Sani’s ’08 rehabilitation from a similar injury. Friend-of-various-Ephs Laura thought that the article was “crappy” because it made it seem as if sports were too dangerous for girls to play. Comments:

1) Laura is silly to worry about any baleful effect that such articles might have on the future girls sports in America. Just look at the trajectory over the last 20 years and extend that into the future. More girls will be playing more sports for more hours with better coaching and more expensive facilities for years to come. Note how the Eph women’s soccer team webpage lists, not only the their hometowns but their club teams.

2) The Marxist reading focuses on the economic incentives. Most of the substantive points come for people who make a living selling their injury-prevention services to families and teams. Of course they want to hype injuries as a major issue for girls sports. If there were no problem, they would be out of a job.

3) The girls-sports-industrial-complex is the primary cause of the huge increase in the skill level of Eph womens sports in the last two decade. Although the mens teams of today also play better (?), the womens teams are just shockingly good in comparison to those of the 1980’s.

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