For the last couple years, I have seen announcements like this one.

Hey Seniors,

Had you not planned on going to Hilton Head because you didn’t have the time to plan it, or couldn’t find enough people for a house? Have other plans for Hilton Head week fallen through and you now would like to go but don’t have a place? Are you already in a house but it somehow got overbooked and now you’re sleeping on the floor?

Well look no further! We had 3 people back out of our 8 person house this morning, and would really love to refill the spots. The cost is about $175 for the whole week, and the house is just steps from the beach, and close by to the rest of the class.

My understanding is that there is now a tradition of seniors going to Hilton Head between the end of finals and graduation week. True? How many go? When did this start? Whose idea was it? Help us capture the history of Williams traditions as they start rather than try to recapture that history 20 years from now.

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