Aidan sent this interesting story featuring Dean Grodzins ’83.

[Theodore] Parker, too, had famously bad handwriting. William Lloyd Garrison, hard-line abolitionist and editor of the Liberator, once complained that an essay Parker submitted was so unreadable it would require a dozen assistants to interpret his clotted sentences for the printer “without any serious blunders.” Grodzins, nevertheless, found ways to decipher Parker’s private journals, even one stunning passage written in code. Grodzins sensed Parker was unhappily married, but he had little direct evidence. Parker’s wife, Lydia, often read through her husband’s journals when he was out of the house, so the preacher couldn’t bare his soul there. Parker sometimes wrote in Greek or Latin, however, languages Lydia didn’t know. One such passage, Grodzins divined from its uncharacteristic word spacings, was actually English written with Greek characters. Putting together crossed out words and the Greek alphabet spellings, Grodzins found that Parker had written: “My wife is a DEVIL. I. HAVE. NO. HOPE. in. LIFE.”

With luck, no one will look closely at my EphBlog posts . . .

Yet — wouldn’t you know it? — today is my lovely wife’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs. EphBlog!

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