Perhaps the Arts Ephs among our readers can explain this.

Peter Lawson-Johnston was in the Berkshires recently, talking about his book, “Growing Up Guggenheim.” He is the grandson of Solomon Guggenheim, who founded the famous museum.

The book has some good gossip about Thomas Krens, the Williams College art impresario whom Guggenheim credits with radically upgrading the Williams College Museum of Art (it’s very good) and bamboozling the Massachusetts Legislature into financing North Adams’s vast Museum of Contemporary Art (full of rubbish). Krens went on to become director of the Guggenheim Museum.

Guggenheim writes that when the trustees hired Krens in 1986 there was talk of jointly managing Mass MOCA and the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed temple on Fifth Avenue; “Provincial New Yorkers, of course, feared a major museum in their city might become an appendage of some project in the boondocks of New England.”

Background, please.

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