My fellow EphBlogger JG wants a source for this claim:

In the competition between Williams and Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford, 90% of students cross-admitted, choose one of HYPS over Williams.

A fair request! Unfortunately, I am having trouble coming up with a reference. Can readers point to one? I have made this claim before and have always understood it to be public knowledge. I am almost certain that I have heard/read it being said/written by senior Williams administrators (Morty? Nesbitt?). Yet I can’t find a specific citation although we did discuss related academic work four years ago. You can see an updated version of that paper here. Table 3 on page 28, although not directly on point and based on a statistical model, suggests that, at best, Williams gets 10 out of 100 cross-admits. But, again, I am almost certain I have seen this claim made in print by a Williams official.

UPDATE: Just found this from 2004.

The College admitted 43 fewer students this year than it did last year, aiming for a class of 528 students. “The intent is to come up somewhere short of that 528 number, and then be able to go to the waitlist,” Nesbitt said. Anticipating “summer melt,” (students who choose over the summer to take a year off or attend another college), the Admissions Office hopes to have 540 deposits by the end of May.

Thanks to a larger group of students admitted early, the Admissions Office was in a better position to reach for the most qualified students. Nesbitt would like to yield 35 to 38 percent of the regular decision pool. However, he cautioned that the strength of the admitted students could lead to a low yield as the College will compete with extremely prestigious institutions for them.

“The biggest overlap of admitted students is with Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Amherst and Dartmouth – the usual suspects,” he said. “Going head-to-head with places like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, if we get 15 percent of those kids, we are actually doing pretty well. Whereas with Dartmouth and Amherst, we are doing well if we split students 50-50.”

I think that there are more quotes available, but I can’t find them just now.

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