In our discussion of the (new) tradition of many Williams seniors spending the time between final exams and graduation festivities at Hilton Head, poiyay wrote:

I cannot comment with any authority on the origins of this idea, although it was pretty well established when I went last year. I would guess that smaller groups started going 7-10 years ago and it has been increasing in popularity since. Last year, I would estimate that at least 80% of the senior class was there.

80%?!? Wow. That is pretty amazing. Is it accurate? Are there really 400 Williams seniors at Hilton Head this week-end? There was some effort to create a listing on WSO, but it went nowhere.

Also, surely EphBlog reader can help nail down the history of this event. I am fairly sure that no one went to Hilton Head in the spring of 1988. Did you go? Did you know anyone who did?

What Eph deserves credit for starting what sounds like an amazing tradition?

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