We came, we saw, we ate some bacon. So this morning I went to breakfast with Mr. Ephblog himself, David Kane. I will have you all know that the entire affair was quite civil – indeed, quite friendly. Although the fur flies here on Ephblog, we alums know how to behave in public (when not at sporting events). Anyway, our discussions and David’s exhortations that just about everything I said would make a good post for Ephblog have motivated me to write something tonight.

We joke sometimes about making David take an Ephblog vacation for a week, or about how posts need to be more positive or the general tone of our discussions. It is really one of my favorite little pastimes to poke holes in David’s arguments and needle him about being less critical. But this morning as we were talking about all the trouble I used to cause at Williams when I was there, I realized that the only way to change anything is to work on making it better. In keeping with that, I’m going to try to post more (NOT because I am in any way better, but because I want to change the tone). Thus far, I post here and there, then get really frustrated by some of the things I see up here and get discouraged, then come back and make snarky comments, eventually feeing motivated enough to make my own post again. This is a pretty circular pattern that doesn’t seem to accomplish much. So, I’m going to start off with a modest goal of one post each week even if that means expanding a comment into a whole post (good idea btw David) or just finding some obscure Williams connection to a news item. If I want more positive or constructive posts, I should quite whining about it and do something, so I will try.

On a related note of navel gazing, when I went to write this, I noticed the list of incoming links to Ephblog and one caught my eye. It is a comparison of Williams and Princeton of their relative “ridiculousness.” Now this fits under navel gazing, because I really thought I wanted to go to Princeton, got waitlisted, and picked Williams. Thank goodness I did! Anyway, so I thought I’d check out that link and discovered a pretty hilarious chart comparing various aspects of the two schools, from reunions to newspapers, to latin names to random days off, to the best category of all:

Blog Run By Students/Alums Who Care Entirely Too Much

And the winner was (of course): EPHBLOG!!! Good to know someone thinks well of us. So keep caring entirely too much everyone – you’re doing your part!

P.S. Any Boston-area Ephblog readers should get in touch with David and grab a meal.  Fun stuff!

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