Lots of cool construction updates from on campus and beyond:

First, check out these new drawings of the renovated Stetson, which looks absolutely bad-ass.

Second, the North and South Academic buildings are nearing completion. While it is difficult to judge without seeing them in person, based on these photos I’d group them with the new Science center and Tunnel City building in the inarguable success category on the scale of recent campus construction (as opposed to the open-to-debate [mainly due to context, not the buildings themselves] new theater and Paresky center, or the what-were-they-thinking studio art building.

Third, the new Stone Hill Center is about to open at the Clark. I would love to see more photos, but the few I have seen look great.

Fourth, the Cable Mills project on Water Street is back on track. Turning this vacant building into that much housing should really revitalize and energize Water Street, and help turn it into a second destination street to complement Spring Street.

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