Williams has won the Directors Cup (pdf). Look at how strong the NESCAC conference was this year (out of almost 300 listed D3 schools):

1) Williams 1120.5

2) Wash U. 899

3) New Jersey 825.25

4) Amherst 815

5) Middlebury 813.50

Our women’s tennis and rowing teams were national champions this spring – but I’ll leave the details for someone else as I’m rushing to get this posted and get to a meeting.

Go Ephs!

UPDATE (DK): I put the pdf link in-line above. Still no official announcement from the College. Dick Quin is, presumably, writing something now. Could one of our sports experts provide some more commentary on where these points come from? For example, I see that we earned 53 points in mens lacrosse. First, how was it determined that we we’re the 9th best team in DIV III? Second, what is the breakdown in points by finish? I had thought that the drop-off from 1st to 9th was much steeper. Also, how do the points breakdown between mens and womens teams? It almost seems like Williams women, alone, could have won the cup.

Surely there is a member of the EphBlog community who is, or would be willing to become, an expert on the Directors’ Cup. Start here.

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