I attended two events with Morty on last Friday at reunion: the Ephraim Williams Society breakfast (Williams wants to be in your will) and the general Q&A from 4:00 to 5:00. Morty was in amazing form at both events: hilariously funny, (almost) completely honest and (close to) exactly correct about the best policies for Williams. If Morty continues for another decade or so to serve as well as he has for the last 8 years, he will deserve to be named, along with Jack Sawyer ’39, as the best Williams president since Mark Hopkins. Each day next week, I will provide my summary, from memory, of the most important points, along with my comments [in brackets] and links to previous discussions. I encourage other readers who were there to chime in as well.

UPDATE: Here are my notes: Williams-specific application essays, legacy admissions, intellectual vitality, social life, tutorials, athletic admissions, building names and financial aid.

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