Professor Sam Crane explains:

Some attention is being drawn to John McCain’s first marriage and the apparently shabby manner in which he ended it. Andrew Sullivan blogs on it and makes the point that in a liberal society, one that draws a distinction between personal and public life, this should not matter:

This is what liberalism allows for: it can simply say that an immoral private life may be a negative, but it is not to be conflated with much more salient matters of public import. With political liberalism, you can have your moral cake and your politics too.

Sullivan is engaged in a debate with American conservatives, especially religious conservatives, for whom personal moral failings should matter in presidential elections. I would simply want to add that Confucians would agree here with conservatives: how we lead our personal lives is an expression of our daily moral commitments. If we cannot live up to our familial duties, then we are not worthy to assume positions of political leadership.

Indeed. Read the whole thing.

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