As a counterpoint to the NY Magazine think piece on the sexy and wealthy life of Harvard grads I posted on last week, I offer you this NY Times article on a Harvard education professor who is teaching “reflection seminars” at Harvard, Amherst, and Colby to encourage students to look “beyond the consulting and financial jobs that he says are almost the automatic next step for so many graduates of top colleges.” The article quotes Amherst prez Tony Marx saying something pretty:

“We’re in the business of graduating people who will make the world better in some way,” said Anthony Marx, Amherst’s president. “That’s what justifies the expense of the education.

Williams not being mentioned in the article makes me one sad panda, as I’m sure it does to you all. And I do recall there being a great deal of debate here and on WSO on whether Williams does enough in this area or not. (Hopefully David can provide some links?)

I don’t have that many friends from Williams who joined finance, but I also don’t have many who seem to be going into public service, either. (Take this with a grain of salt, I don’t have many friends.)

Should Williams be doing more? Talk amongst yourselves.

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