Interesting Vanity Fair article on the collapse of Bear Stearns includes a single Eph mention.

For the next hour the Bear Stearns rumor became a topic of conversation between CNBC correspondents and various market traders and analysts. At 1:50, Matthew Cheslock remarked, “The sentiment [on Bear] is pretty negative. The general consensus is ‘Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.’ ”

A few minutes later, Griffeth, perhaps sensing the network might have gone a bit too far, asked Dennis Kneale, “What about the jittery nature of this market right now? Are we starting to believe some rumors that may or may not be true?” Kneale agreed. “Someone,” he observed, “is always making money on the other side of that bad news or that rumor.”

Yet CNBC’s coverage remained anything but skeptical of the rumor. At two the network’s new “money honey,” Erin Burnett, headlined the hour by announcing “credit issues at Bear,” never mind that there was no such thing. She turned to correspondent David Faber, who observed, “Of course, no firm’s ever going to say that they are having trouble with liquidity, and, in fact, you’ve either got liquidity or you don’t. So if you don’t have it, you’re done. Those are the kinds of concerns in this market, concerns of confidence You can have crises of confidence, causing meltdowns.”

As Dealbreaker notes the claim that there weren’t “credit issues at Bear” on Monday March 10 is absurd.

But, more importantly, can we please think up a better nickname for Burnett ’98, something that references Williams and, therefore, gets the College some good press? “Money Honey” really belongs to Maria Bartiromo. Both “Street Sweetie” and “Maria 2.0” have been tried for Burnett. Surely, the readers of EphBlog can do better.

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