Maybe I shouldn’t have been poking around in the odd corners of the blog, but I was and I found this ruff of notes for a  future post marked ‘still more dkane rants’. It follows:

“Must get more ire and spleen in blog. Pictures of summer in the Berkshires going to saccharine. I want more enraged spittle spotting screens and my coterie of fellow posters dripping venom from the keyboards of the Borgias. ‘Happy Campers’ – not on my watch. Must find more topics for irate carping and obdurate opinions to be bloviated. OK OK todays Times. Yeah, this is great … Smith and Wake Forest to drop SAT and ACT requirements. Perfect!! Who does Morty think he is, letting these jerkwater schools get ahead of us!!! Wake Forest, for God’s sake … Winston-Salem.. named after two cigarettes. Do they allow smoking on campus? No SAT/ACT? damn right… get those ignorant rednecks right there at the Speedy Riggs School of Tobacco Auctioneering. And SMITH … still ALL WOMEN. How can Morty and the trustees let this happen? Aren’t they answerable to the alumni? Smith … didn’t they hear about the 60’s? How can Williams let these two schools hog the lede in the Times!!! Is this where our alumni contributions are going. WHERE IS RESPONSIBILITY!!! And what about those library shelves anyway! Would they resist cigarette butts? WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY that should be going to help further our extension efforts to the College of Greater Baja Sud for their ground breaking work in Margarita studies. Thats how you break the cycle of poverty and fight the corruption so rampant in the guberment of Mex. Yeah, thats what Williams is all about … must search for more good stuff after I beat interns senseless with another lecture on the meaning of MONEY and how to get my share. Now what’s a topic where Frank can chime in on the Evils of the Angevine Report ….

(breaks off)

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