After the Williams trustees with the Baxter/Paresky debacle followed by the Humanities Center, these remarks, from the NY Times today, by the president of Berea College were a breath of fresh air.  Note:  I have no objection to individuals or institutions building whatever Xanadus they like.  My question is about the federal tax benefits with which we, the people, support these buildings. I remain on record with my proposal to make donations to endow need-based scholarships 115% tax deductible.

“You see some of these selective liberal arts colleges building new physical education facilities with these huge sheets of glass and these coffee and juice bars, and charging students $40,000 a year, and you have to ask, does this contribute to the public good, or is it just a way for the college to keep up with the Joneses?” Mr. Shinn said. “We are a tax-exempt institution, so I think the public has a right to demand that our educational mission be at the heart of all of our expenditures.”

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