A Williams group is headed to Siberia to view a solar eclipse.

Scientists Jay Pasachoff and Bryce Babcock of Williams College are leading an expedition to Siberia so as to station themselves and their equipment in the path of totality (the phase of an eclipse when it is total), which is only hundreds of miles wide in spite of being thousands of miles long.

Leaving Williamstown on July 21, they flew 1,750 miles east to Novosibirsk, the third largest city in Russia. Their observing site will be in collaboration with Dr. Allya Nestorenko of the State University of Novosibirsk and Dr. Igor Nestorenko of the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics.

Williams students Katherine Dupree ’10 and Marcus Freeman ’10 are also traveling, and the release includes contact information if the press (or possible anyone?) is interested in getting more information from Pasachoff.

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