Which Eph has been seen by tens of millions of people in the last week? Monique Curnen ’92, playing Detective Anna Ramirez in “The Dark Knight.” Background reading here and here.

Give Batman attitude? Those who try don’t live to tell about it. But feisty Hollywood up-and-comer Monique Curnen defies that certainty in the new summer blockbuster, “The Dark Knight.”

Confronting the caped crusader (Christian Bale) in one tense scene, the raven-haired newcomer who stands up to Batman says the moment was fun but intense.

“I’m just grateful it came on my last day of shooting,” says Curnen. “I wasn’t daunted by Christian any longer. Believe me. He was very intimidating in that Batman suit, especially up close and in your face.”

As Det. Ramirez, the tough yet vulnerable rookie cop who helps Lt. James Gordon (Gary Oldman) clean up Gotham City, Curnen joins a cast of conflicted characters born from the darkest recesses of the human psyche in this follow-up to 2005’s “Batman Begins.”

Thanks to Curnen’s suitemate Laura Lim Prescott ‘92 for the links.

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