Professor Sam Crane is moving.

August is a time of transition for me this year. First, we are moving offices. When I say “we” I mean about two thirds of the faculty at my college. It is a massive undertaking: two new office buildings and a new library. The offices are just about ready and the faculty in Humanities and Social Sciences are packing up and shipping out. Thus, today I sit in my old office, no books on the shelves, no pictures on the walls, everything stuffed into the boxes stacked next to me. It will be a good move. My current office is like a bat cave, long and low and dark. The new office will be high and open and light. From yin to yang, you might say. I’ve been here for about 18 years; perhaps I’ll be that long in the new place.

Perhaps Sam (or Professor Michael Brown) will post some pictures of the new space. And does anyone have any guesses for what the new buildings will be named? My money is on Kraft (big donor) or Payne Hall. Hank Payne is the only former Williams president without a major building named after him. My dream is that a rich donor chooses to honor Nathan Krissoff ’03. Krissoff Hall anyone?

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