Maureen Dowd disses Jay McInerney ’76.

Even in confessing to preening, [John] Edwards was preening. His diagnosis of narcissism was weirdly narcissistic, or was it self-narcissistic? Given his diagnosis, I’m sure his H.M.O. would pay.

The creepiest part of his creepy confession was when he stressed to Woodruff that he cheated on Elizabeth in 2006 when her cancer was in remission. His infidelity was oncologically correct.

So narcissist walks into a New York bar and meets a legendarily wacky former Gotham party girl — whose ’80s exploits were chronicled in a novel by her former boyfriend Jay McInerney because the behavior of her and her friends “intrigued and appalled me.” When you appall Jay McInerney, you know you’re in trouble.

Cheap shot! McInerney deserves better.

One of Rielle Hunter’s old boyfriends did everything but call John Edwards a bum Saturday.

“To say that he slept with her but he wasn’t in love with her – that’s not very chivalrous,” said “Bright Lights, Big City” author Jay McInerney, who dated Hunter in the late 1980s. “He’s trying to distance himself from her.”

“I don’t feel my questions have been answered with regard to Edwards,” McInerney told the Daily News in an exclusive interview. “It was a half-assed confession.”


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