This seems like a great idea.

In a move designed to broaden access to faculty research and scholarship, Williams College recently adopted a policy requiring its faculty members to make their scholarly articles available for free to the public.

The school’s faculty unanimously approved the new “open access” policy in June, becoming the first liberal arts college in the nation to enact a mandatory policy.

An estimated 30 universities around the world have adopted similar plans.

President Morton Owen Schapiro said its faculty acted out of a sense of duty to the students, teachers and schools that could benefit from their research.

Great stuff! The more that the world knows about the research done at Williams, the better. I have been beating this drum for a long time. Much of the research being done at Williams would be interesting to current students and alumni. By making it all public, Williams will improve the intellectual life of Ephs everywhere. Give me an RSS feed and a place to write, and I will change the culture of greater Williams. Eight years ago, the Record reported:

He [(former) Dean of the Faculty Tom Kohut] added that the public intellectual life of the college concerns him, and could be improved by encouraging faculty to expose their students and the wider community to their research and scholarship.

My efforts to reach out to Kohut and others were total failures. But progress is possible! You just have to be patient. It is a long game that we are playing at EphBlog. Please play it with us.

Oh, wait. This didn’t happen at Williams. It was Stanford. My mistake. Previous similar “mistakes” here and here.

Is there no one in the Administration with the knowledge of where elite education is going and the power to put Williams in the lead?

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