My Winter Study class, ECON 18: Quantitative Equity Research, is now in the course catalog. Oo-ra! I am looking forward to this. See the link and previous discussions for more details. A few comments.

1) My teaching assistant has recommended that I change the title. He thinks that the course sounds too boring/hard and is concerned that no one will sign up. Is he right? Comments welcome. I don’t want a lot of students to sign up, but I do want to teach the course so I need at least 8. My thinking is that there are at least 8 students who want a serious introduction to quantitative research and/or some insight into life on Wall Street. Am I wrong?

2) The course has no prerequisites, but I urge any interested students to take STAT 201 this fall. See also my advice on course selection for a finance/business career. We will be using R and working with large amounts of financial data. Here is an introduction (pdf) that I use, although only R and Sweave will be required for the course.

3) I hope to have a syllabus available later this month, before students need to make their course selections. I will be making all course material available on the web. Transparency rules and feedback is welcome.

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