Recall my idea for an Eph Pundit, an author on EphBlog who would would post links/thoughts on contemporary politics (somewhat in the spirit of Instapundit) and, thereby, provide a start to discussions. Note the third goal of EphBlog:

EphBlog is not simply a place for you to get your daily fix of Ephery. We’re that, of course, but we aspire to greater things. Many of us who live beyond the Purple Valley have discovered that life after Williams does not provide nearly as many opportunities for honest, informed and open-minded debate as we might have hoped. A wise Eph does not argue about foreign affairs with his boss. A sensitive Eph does not debate economic policy with her staff. A sensible Eph does not argue about controversial issues of the day with the other parents on the sideline of a childrens’ soccer game.So, where should an Eph who misses the intellectual thrill of the back and forth discussions that make a Williams education so magical go? Where can he find smart people who completely disagree with him but are open-minded enough to listen to his arguments and patient enough to point out his errors. To be honest, we don’t know. But we hope that EphBlog might one day be the answer.

Until Election Day, we are going to experiment with making this vision a reality. Longtime EphBlog author Derek Catsam ’93 has kindly volunteered (after some cajoling by me) to be our first Eph Pundit. He will be posting links, thoughts, observations, questions and anything-else-he-wants about the US election for the next two months. Please join us in the conversation. Comments:

1) If you don’t like this idea, feel free to speak up but don’t blame Derek. Blame me.

2) If anyone else would like to be an Eph Pundit, let us know. More are welcome. All we ask is that you add the category Eph Pundit to the post.

3) Although it will be nice to include an Eph connection for these posts (say by linking to Dan Drezner ’90), like so, or someone else on Eph Planet), that is not a requirement. “All things Eph,” in this context, means things that Ephs like us want to talk about.

4) Another rationale for this idea derives from the recent tendency for our comment threads (e.g., here) to veer off into a political discussion. Nothing wrong with talking politics with your fellow Ephs, of course, but we clearly need to organize this a bit better.

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