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Join the Board of EphBlog!

Want to have more of a say in the direction of EphBlog? Join the board! EphBlog is a registered Massachusetts non-profit with a board of directors. Our current board has served for more than a year and at least two of our members are leaving. Thanks to them for all the hard work, especially Rory as President. So, we need some new members and, more importantly, a new president. Join us! (E-mail me at dkane @ iq harvard edu.) Or nominate someone in the comments. (I would certainly love to see folks like JG, Soph Mom, Derek, Swart or Will Slack on the board.) Notes:

1) You can maintain your anonymity while serving on the board.

2) No work is actually involved, at least for board members who choose not to volunteer for it. (Back me up on this Rory!) Lowell does keep an eye on the paperwork and Eric on the technology, but being on the board only takes as much time as you feel like devoting to it. We have no meetings!

3) The main benefit from serving on the board is the moral authority that you derive from it. I, at least, try to answer every single question that any board member asks me. (Alas, time constraints don’t always allow me to answer questions from others.) Board members also have more of a say on topics like: What is the purpose of EphBlog?

4) The Board works by consensus and has always achieved it. If tricky issues arise (banning someone, changing the comment policy, et cetera), the Board has the final say.

The best way to change EphBlog for the better is to get involved.