Alas, our technical difficulties continue, so here is the latest from Derek Catsam on the election.

So I wanted to think more about John McCain’s speech the other night before posting. Because my utter (and I believe justified) disdain for his selection of Palin, and my disdain for what he has become in terms of policy has frankly blinded me to the man, who is pretty fucking amazing. Yes, I wish that Republicans had granted John Kerry, whose record of service is every bit as honorable as McCain’s, but that sort of tit-for-tat is what got many of us into this mess to begin with.

So i went to Daniel Drezner, who is not only a Williams alum, but is a center-right guy whose views I respect a great deal even if I do not always agree with them. And I especially took note of this post in which he assessed McCain’s speech. because while I thought it was pretty bad as far as speeches went, I also recognize that one of the critiques of Obama is that he is all speeches (I disagree profoundly, but politics ain’t always about reality) and to be fair, my critique of Palin’s speech is that it was a great speech-qua-speeches, but that it sucked in content.

And the thing is, I sort of came to like McCain again. I think he is wrong on just about everything (though Drezner’s assertion that McCain is worlds better on global economic policy is one I take seriously, mostly because I’m not intellectually equipped to disagree, by which I mean, I don’t know enough) but that is to be expected. And I think that is what I too often forget about when it comes to my conservative friends. I think they are wrong about everything. And maybe even more pliable than I am when it comes to rationalizing faults in their party. But like John McCain, they come by their politics, right or wrong, honestly. And even when the arguments become dishonest, on my part and theirs, it is informed by an honest belief in ideas, ideology, and politics. And that is something. In the end, it might be everything.

Indeed. Read the whole thing.

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