Soph Mom has concerns about Senator McCain’s character.

I’d honestly like to hear your opinion of McCain’s sexist behavior.

The Chelsea Clinton ‘joke’, the video of him calling a woman a C**T, B***H, WH**E…, his obvious public enjoyment when Hilary was called a ‘b**ch, and I know there are several other instances.

This behavior scares me, not just because of what it reveals about his lack of regard for women…but also because it shows a man very clearly ‘out of control’. To behave that way within a (senate?) hearing, in a public place, isn’t just about a lack of judgement. It’s evidence of an urge over which he has absolutely no command.

And if it’s been recorded several times, how many other instances have occurred in which there was no camera rolling?

Indeed. I’ll assume for a moment that Soph Mom is correct in her diagnose of McCain’s behavior. Is that reason enough not to vote for him? Not for me. Politicians are imperfect people. I vote for the policies, not the candidate.

I suspect that most people, certainly most Ephs, do the same. And here is a simple test for my Democrat friends. Assume that you knew in 1992 (or 1996) what sort of man Bill Clinton was, that he was the sort of person who would have a sexual relationship with an intern? (A lot of us knew that about Bill Clinton in 1992. If you cheat on your wife once, you will cheat on her again.) Would Soph Mom (and other Ephs who voted fror Clinton) still vote for him? I assume they would, that what matters most is Clinton’s policies, not his character.

I think that there is nothing wrong with that judgment, but I question Soph Mom’s focus on McCain’s sexism since I suspect she was (or would have been) much more forgiving of Clinton’s.

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