The voting runs until 10 pm Tuesday. Frosh have to elect house reps and a class rep (the big job); upperclassmen will elect neighborhood reps. The Honor Committee and Committee on Priorities and Resources also have elections going on. Elections are all via Instant Runoff Voting.

See the options for the $35,000 after the link. There’s another poll on if the money should be split among top placers or dedicated to the winner.

1914 Library

If this option is selected, CC will use the money to buy more books for the 1914 library. To determine the best use of the money, CC will work with the director of the 1914 library.

ACE Concerts
At least half of the money ($17,500) will be added on to the budget already allocated for ACE’s Spring Fling 2009 concert. The rest of the money will be used for ACE concerts, but allocated to specific concerts by the ACE leadership.

Existing Student Groups
If this option is selected, CC will use the $35,000 to supplement—both in the present and in future years—the budgets of existing and newly formed student groups. In this case, the money will be allocated to groups through CC’s existing allocation mechanisms—the subgroup process, the general fund, the nationals fund and the co-sponsorship fund.

Bike Sharing Program
If this option is selected, CC will use the $35,000 to create a bike sharing program. The specifics of the program are yet to be determined. However, the general idea is to have a significant number of bikes spread around campus for general use. If this program is selected, students would be able to drop off and pick up bikes from various different places around campus.

Independent Concerts Fund
If this option is selected, CC would create a new—one time—$35,000 fund managed by the College Council Co-Sponsorship Committee. The Co-Sponsorship Committee may opt to distribute the entire fund in a single year or spread the money out over two or more years. All students and student groups—ranging from a single student with a good idea to the largest event planning groups on campus—would be eligible to request money from the fund. As indicated by the title, the only restriction on the fund is that its money must be used for some type of concert.

Public Art
This proposal outlines the need for more dynamic public spaces and
offers public art as “a powerful form of communication [that] can define a common space as an area for community discussion and promote open dialog. … The $35,000 [would be used for] the acquisition of public artwork (in conjunction with WCMA and the Alumni Association) that could stand in the public realm of the community as an icon of our time and contributions at Williams.” Possible sites/projects for consideration include a Paresky Life Project, improving the Hardscape Athletic Quad behind WCMA, indoor and outdoor space of the new North and South Academic Buildings, and a new Campus Axis Procession Project. For details, see the CC website which contains the full-length text of all proposals submitted.

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