There are two interesting events on campus today. First:

2020 International Initiatives: Where should Williams be going?
2:45 p.m., Weston 10

International Studies Colloquium open forum on the 2020 International Initiatives. Come join the discussion!

See here for previous discussion about 2020. I think that there are a variety of issues that fall under the 2020 project and that this forum is just about the international ones. Or does the “2020 International Initiatives” phrasing mean that all 2020 issues are international? Updates on this important topic are welcome. And, as always, more transparency, please. Why can’t the rest of us see some of the background briefing material that the College gives to the Trustees?

Second event:

Hooking Up and Effortless Perfection: Understanding College Social Culture
7:30 p.m., Brooks-Rogers Auditorium
Most people think of college as a special and carefree time, four years to learn and have fun before the pressures of the “real world” intrude. Research done at Duke University on undergraduate social culture suggests otherwise. Students described their drive for “effortless perfection” in academic and social endeavors, and a hook-up culture that met the needs of some, but left most dissatisfied. Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education Dr. Donna Lisker (Williams ’88) will describe her research in a compelling and entertaining talk highly relevant to Williams undergraduates.

Interesting stuff. “Effortless perfection” reminds me of effortlessly Eph as well as Brandi Brown’s ’07 work on Ephailure. But aren’t claims about a “hook-up culture” that leaves most students “dissatisfied” more associated with Wendy Shalit ’97? Just asking!

And if my friend Donna tells any amusing stories about her senior year roommate’s idiot boyfriend, let me just say that there is no such thing as bad press!

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