At the end of our previous discussion over whether or not the town of Wasilla had billed victims for rape kits used to gather evidence, I had (generously?) conceded that the issue was not “nonsense.” Care to revisit the topic?

The Washington Post reported:

Despite the city’s flush accounts, the police department under the chief Palin hired to replace Stambaugh required women who said they had been raped to pay for examination kits themselves, a policy Palin now says she rejects. State legislation passed a year later required the town to pay for the kits.

Yet, the City itself claims (pdf):

A review of files and case reports within the Wasilla Police Department has found no record of sexual assault victims billed for forensic exams.

Wikipedia provides a discussion. See here for a thorough debunking and here for more detail.

My basic conclusion is that this is probably nonsense because Palin did not run the local hospital. (This was not clear to me during our first discussion.) Even if rape victims were being billed, they were being billed by the hospital since it was the hospital (not the Palin-run police department of Wasilla) that bought and administered the exams.

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