EphBlog author Will Slack ’11 on the lying land of politics.

The past few weeks have seen McCain ads accuse Barack Obama of comparing Sarah Palin to a pig and liberal bloggers argue that Sarah Palin’s five-month son is actually the child of her teenage daughter, Bristol Palin.

Granted, McCain later disavowed his earlier accusations, and the bloggers were embarrassed when it came out that Trig couldn’t be Bristol’s baby since she was pregnant with another child at the time of Trig’s birth. Still, there’s an underlying problem that exists and has always existed in politics.

Elections aren’t about the truth. They are about what people perceive as truth.

Indeed. Normally, I don’t like it when the Record devotes scarce op-ed space to non-Williams topics, but, in Will’s case, I’ll make an exception. Read the whole thing.

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