I am pleased to announce that EphBlog has a new Board of Directors. Comments below.

1) Thanks to Rory for serving as our first President. Although Rory and I disagree on many topics, it was a pleasure to work with him on this project.

2) Thanks to Eric Smith ’99, Lowell Jacobson ’03 and Professor Joe Cruz ’91 for their continued service on the board. Their efforts are much appreciated by our thousand or so daily readers.

3) Thanks to Dick Swart ‘56 and Ronit Bhattacharyya ‘07 for agreeing to join the board. Special thanks to Dick and his doppelganger Rechtal Turgidley, Jr ’56 for accepting the job of president.

4) As mentioned in our announcement, the Board does not do much. Its main accomplishment was to agree on our purpose: EphBlog encourages, organizes and supports the Williams Conversation. Yet, since EphBlog is an incorporated non-profit in Massachusetts, it has the power to do more, should it choose to do so. Want to change an EphBlog policy? Contact someone on the Board. I hope that the Board will continue to act by consensus as it has in the past, but that is up to them.

5) And, yes, I will no longer be on the Board, at least for the next year or so. Hold back those tears! Now just seemed like a good time for me to take a break, for me to allow others to take the lead in defining what “All Things Eph” means. I will still be an author (and administrator behind the scenes) but all policies will be set by the Board. Got a complaint or suggestion? Contact them. I hope that they will solicit my opinion, but only because I am an active author and member of the EphBlog community. To the extent that it was ever fair to call this KaneBlog, those days are over.

If you are a member of the Williams community, then this is your blog.

What will you make of it?

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